Commercial stretcher services

Commercial Stretcher Services: A Convenient Option

Arranging commercial stretcher Services medical flights can alleviate the stress of travel coordination and logistical challenges associated with such transfers. Air Ambulancee. offers commercial stretcher services that bring numerous benefits to patients in need.

Benefits of Commercial Stretcher Services

Our commercial stretcher services are designed to assist individuals with disabilities or serious medical conditions who require extra care during travel. This service is particularly beneficial for patients recovering from illnesses or those with physical limitations. Our air ambulance service has successfully repatriated thousands of patients using commercial planes. This ensures that patients receive quality medical care while traveling to their destination.

Medical Escort Service

Air Ambulancee medical escort service is essential for patients who are unable to care for themselves due to their physical condition. We provide personalized care and assistance throughout the journey, ensuring their safety and well-being. When arranging medical flights for loved ones with uncompromising medical conditions, considering commercial stretcher services can be a viable option. While this service is approved by limited airlines under specific circumstances, it can be suitable for certain patients and is often more cost-effective than private air ambulance services.

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    Key Features of Commercial Stretcher Service

    Our commercial stretcher services involve retrofitting a standard commercial plane with a stretcher, enabling patients with serious medical needs to travel via a commercial flight to their desired destination. We have a dedicated team of friendly and knowledgeable flight coordinators available 24/7 to plan and supervise every aspect of the patient’s medical transfer. This includes land transport, private air transport, and coordinating a personalized medical team for the departure and arrival city.

    Quality Medical Care in Reasonable Price

    When you choose our nurse for a commercial stretcher service, rest assured that our physicians uphold the highest standards of care. Our goal is to transport patients safely while maintaining our core values and standards of medical excellence. Our stretcher services offer an affordable solution for non-emergency medical transportation compared to the cost of private air ambulances. We prioritize compassionate and high-quality medical care for our patients at no additional cost.

    Suitability for Specific Cases

    It’s important to note that commercial stretcher services are suitable for patients who require proper medical care during travel but do not need intensive care. ICU patients who require specialized medical teams and intensive care cannot be transferred via commercial air ambulance. Our commercial stretcher services provide a convenient and cost-effective option for patients needing medical assistance during travel. We ensure a smooth and safe journey while prioritizing the well-being and comfort of our patients.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q1: What is a commercial stretcher?

    Ans: A commercial stretcher is a medical device used for transporting patients who are unable to walk or move independently. It is designed with a sturdy frame and a flat surface to securely hold and transport patients, commonly used in ambulances, airports, and other medical transportation settings for safe and comfortable patient transfer.

    Q2: How many types of stretchers are there?

    Ans: There are primarily three types of stretchers used in healthcare:

    • Wheeled stretchers: Equipped with wheels for easy transportation within hospitals or during ambulance transfers.
    • Scoop stretchers: Designed in two halves that can be split apart, often used for patients with spinal injuries.
    • Basket stretchers: Rigid and shaped like a basket, used in rugged terrain or during search and rescue operations for patient transport.

    Q3: What is stretcher in aviation?

    Ans: In aviation, a stretcher refers to a specialized medical device used for transporting patients who are unable to sit or move independently during air travel. These stretchers are designed to fit within the aircraft’s cabin and are equipped with restraints, padding, and medical equipment to ensure patient safety and comfort during flight.

    Q4: What is EMS stretcher?

    Ans: An EMS (Emergency Medical Services) stretcher is a type of medical stretcher specifically designed for use in emergency situations. It is equipped with features such as restraints, adjustable height, and compatibility with medical equipment like IV poles and oxygen tanks to facilitate the safe transport of patients in critical conditions, commonly used in ambulances and emergency response settings.

    Q5: What is standard stretcher?

    Ans: A standard stretcher typically refers to a basic medical device used for transporting patients in healthcare settings. It is usually equipped with a flat surface, handles for lifting, and may or may not have wheels for mobility. Standard stretchers are versatile and widely used in hospitals, clinics, and ambulances for patient transport.

    Q6: What is another name for a stretcher?

    Ans: Another name for a stretcher is a “gurney.” Both terms are commonly used interchangeably in medical settings to refer to the same device used for transporting patients who are unable to walk or move independently.

    Q7: What is safe stretcher use?

    Ans: Safe stretcher use involves proper training and adherence to guidelines to ensure the well-being of patients and caregivers. This includes proper lifting techniques, securing patients with restraints when necessary, using appropriate equipment for patient transfer, maintaining cleanliness, and following infection control protocols to prevent cross-contamination.

    Q8: How big is a stretcher?

    Ans: The size of a stretcher can vary depending on the specific type and model. However, a standard medical stretcher typically measures around 6 feet in length and 2 feet in width. These dimensions allow for accommodating most adult patients comfortably during transportation.

    Q9: What is the weight limit for a stretcher?

    Ans: The weight limit for a stretcher can vary depending on its design and construction. However, most standard medical stretchers are designed to safely support patients weighing up to 300 to 500 pounds (136 to 227 kilograms). It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific stretcher being used to ensure it can safely accommodate the patient’s weight.

    Q10: What is a flexible stretcher?

    Ans: A flexible stretcher, also known as an evacuation stretcher, is a lightweight and compact stretcher designed for emergency situations where space is limited or traditional stretchers cannot be used. These stretchers are often made of durable fabric or nylon material and can be rolled or folded for easy storage and transport, making them ideal for evacuation purposes during disasters or confined spaces.

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