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    AirCrafts by Air Ambulancee

    AirCraft are special aeroplanes or helicopters that help sick or injured people quickly. They have special tools and machines to take care of patients while flying, like a flying hospital. These vehicles are super fast and can reach people in remote areas or avoid traffic to get to hospitals fast. The people who work on air ambulances are like heroes, saving lives by bringing medical help. They face challenges like bad weather, but they work hard to overcome them. AirCrafts have cool stories where they made a big difference.

    Types of AirCrafts provided by Air Ambulancee

    Our Aircrafts Services

    • King Air B200
    • King Air C 90B
    • King Air 350
    • Pilatus PC 12
    • Citation Bravo
    • Falcon 10
    • Citation 7
    • Hawker 700
    • Falcon 900
    • Challenger 600
    • Gulfstream 3
    • Boeing Business Jet
    • Bombardier Challenger 604
    • Beech Jet 400A
    • Citation CJ2
    • Citation 5
    • Citation 3
    • Falcon 20
    • Falcon 50
    • Challenger 601

    Specialised Features

    AirCraft by Air Ambulancee have special features to help patients during medical emergencies:

    • Medical Equipment:

    They carry advanced medical tools and equipment onboard to provide immediate care to patients. This includes things like ventilators, defibrillators, and monitors.

    • Life Support Systems:

    Specialized life support systems ensure patients receive continuous care while in transit, maintaining vital functions.

    • In-flight Medical Personnel:

    Trained medical professionals like doctors and nurses are on board to provide immediate medical attention and monitor patients throughout the journey.

    • Space for Critical Care:

    The aircraft are designed to accommodate critical care setups, allowing medical teams to work efficiently and provide necessary treatments.

    • Communication Systems:

    Advanced communication systems enable constant contact between the medical team on the aircraft and healthcare professionals on the ground for guidance and coordination.

    • Stabilisation Features:

    Features like shock-absorbing systems or specialised stretchers help stabilise patients, especially during takeoff and landing.

    • Aircraft Design for Quick Loading:

    The design allows for swift loading and unloading of patients, minimising the time it takes to transport them to medical facilities.

    • Weather and Navigation Technology:

    AirCraft are equipped with advanced weather and navigation technology to ensure safe travel, even in challenging conditions.

    • Isolation Units:

    Some aircraft have isolation units to transport patients with contagious diseases safely, preventing the spread of infections.

    • Oxygen and Medication Supply:

    Adequate oxygen supply and a stock of essential medications are available on board to address the immediate medical needs of patients during the journey.

    These features collectively make aircraft well-equipped and capable of providing critical care during emergency medical evacuations.

    Advantages of Aircraft by Air Ambulancee

    Choosing Ambulancee’s aircraft offer several key advantages

    • Speedy Response:

    AirCraft can rapidly reach remote or inaccessible locations, providing swift medical assistance during critical situations.

    • Time-Sensitive Medical Care:

    Quick transportation reduces the time it takes for patients to reach advanced medical facilities, improving the chances of positive outcomes in time-sensitive emergencies.

    • Geographical Reach:

    AirCraft can overcome geographical barriers, reaching areas with limited road access or where ground transportation is challenging.

    • Specialized Medical Personnel:

    Trained medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, accompany patients on air ambulances, ensuring immediate and specialised care during transit.

    • Advanced Medical Equipment:

    These aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, allowing for in-flight treatment and monitoring of patients’ conditions.

    • Avoidance of Traffic Delays:

    AirCraft can bypass traffic congestion, ensuring a quicker and more efficient journey to the destination hospital.

    • Critical Care Capabilities:

    The aircraft are designed to facilitate critical care, providing a controlled environment for patients with serious medical conditions.

    • Flexibility in Transportation:

    AirCraft can transport patients over long distances efficiently, reducing the stress and discomfort associated with extended ground travel.

    • 24/7 Availability:

    AirCraft by Air ambulancee operate round the clock, ensuring that emergency medical transportation is available whenever needed, regardless of the time of day.

    • Coordinated Medical Evacuations:

    Air Ambulancee work in coordination with ground emergency services, creating a seamless and integrated approach to patient care and transportation.

    These advantages make AirCraft by air ambulancee a crucial component of emergency medical systems, particularly in situations where time is of the essence or where traditional transportation methods are impractical.

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